Welcome to 40Leaves an online portfolio of creative work by Alisdair Shepherd.

This portfolio of work spans across my skills as an artist, designer & creative manager through various fields including fine art, painting, sculpture, drawing, graphic design, illustration, web design, photography, film, curating, interior design, furniture design, project management, brand development, media, marketing, education, music & festival production.

40Leaves is a unique platform for you to explore some of recent solo and group projects I’m involved with, please take a look around.

For further information on exhibitions, collaborations and commissions please contact info@40leaves.co.uk


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SHIFT | St Laurence Church Stroud, September 2019

SVA Summer Show | Stroud Valley Arts Space, August 2019

ColourWorks | The Old Passage, Arlingham, Gloucestershire, January 22nd- June 23rd 2019

Odyssey | Gloucester Cathedral, Gloucester, January 9th – February 12th 2019

ReCollections | Museum in the Park, Stroud, 10th-28th October 2018

SOMAC Festival Exhibition | Gloucester city centre, July- August 2018

Between Seeing and Dreaming | The Old Passage, Arlingham, Gloucestershire, June 12th- Nov 26th 2018

Soul Mosaic | Camden Image Gallery, 29th September – 8th October 2017 (w. Daniel Clayton)

Passion | The old Passage, Arlingham, Gloucestershire, 13th June-December 2017 (Group Exhibition)

Tracing the Pathway | Bristol University, 2013 (collaborative performance and photography)

Energy |  Ecotricity, Gloucestershire, 2012 (Group Photography Exhibition)

Earth.Water.Wind.Sky | The Old Passage, Gloucestershire, 2012 (Group Exhibition)

Wasteland and Beyond | Site Festival, Stroud Valleys Art Space, 2012 (installation collaboration with Uta Baldauf)

Beyond the Comfort Zone | Ruskin Mill & Lansdown Gallery, Gloucestershire, 2011 & 2012  (Group Photography Exhibition & curation)

Cafe Culture | Star Anise Cafe, Gloucestershire, 2011 (Solo Painting Exhibition)

WaterWay | The Old Passage, Gloucestershire, 2011 (Group Exhibition)

Site Festival | Tower House, Gloucestershire, 2010 (Group Exhibition)

The shepherd Gallery | Online Gallery Publication, 2006-2015 (Group and Solo Exhibitions)

Helix | London, 2004 (Group Painting Exhibition)

Accretion | Mills Cafe, Gloucestershire, 2002 (Solo Painting Exhibitoin)


Arts Education

Inclusive Art Leadership – Employability & Leadership Skills Level 3, 2019

Exploring Arts for Health, 2018

Winchester School of Art, BA Hons, 2005

Cyprus College of Art, 2004

University of Gloucestershire, Fdtn Dip, 2001